Chair Yoga

This inspirational class is great for older beginners, arthritis, limited mobility, general stiffness, injuries, chronic pain, or fatigue. Traditional yoga postures are modified & guided in stages, with an emphasis on steady breathing, and self awareness. Chairs are available for seated poses, resting, and to help with balancing postures. This is yoga you can do in an office setting, or with a park bench.

Gentle Vinyasa Yoga

Build better balance! (Flowing yoga w/ Sun Salutations -No Chairs) Great for beginners or experienced students who can get up and down from the floor comfortably without help. Link your breath with mindful movement, as you flow slowly through modified sun salutations.

Build strength, flexibility, and balance skills while focusing on safe alignment. Gentle on the wrists!

Vinyasa Yoga

Follow your breath through this dynamic practice and set your body in motion. Explore your ability to move from pose to pose, while grounded in clear alignment. Vinyasa, meaning β€œto move with breath,” is a graceful practice that teaches stillness in motion and inspires creativity.

More weight bearing on hands and knees than Gentle Vinyasa, but taught with some modifications offered.